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  • BMW i8 BlastBMW i8 Blast

    Not too many cars are as striking as the i8. A futuristic looking electric car with superb performance...

  • BMW i8 ThrillBMW i8 Thrill

    BMW i8 Driving for 6 Miles We have run BMW i8 driving experiences for many years now and it remains...


  • Audi R8 vs Ferrari ThrillAudi R8 vs Ferrari Thrill

    Which is Best? The Audi R8 or the Ferrari F430 It's time to decide who makes the better modern supercar...

  • Ferrari & Lamborghini Driving ThrillFerrari & Lamborghini Driving Thrill

    Ferrari vs Lamborghini, which will you prefer? Has it always been your dream to drive both the of...

  • Ferrari and Aston Martin BlastFerrari and Aston Martin Blast

    Drive a Ferrari followed by an Aston Martin in this blistering thrill supercar experience.

  • Ferrari and Lamborghini BlastFerrari and Lamborghini Blast

    Ferrari or Lamborghini. You have six miles to decide which is best.

  • Ferrari BlastFerrari Blast

    Our Ferrari driving 'Blast' Experience is a Ferrari experience which lets lucky experience goers try...

  • Ferrari Double Blast ExperienceFerrari Double Blast Experience

    Drive Two Ferraris in One Day Our Double Ferrari driving 'Blast' Experience is a double header two...

  • Ferrari ThrillFerrari Thrill

    This is your chance to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari for an extended 6 mile supercar thrill, and...

  • Ferrari vs Aston Martin ThrillFerrari vs Aston Martin Thrill

    Which is better. Ferrari or Aston Martin? Decide for yourself in this 12 mile driving experience . Just...

  • Junior Ferrari BlastJunior Ferrari Blast

    We are almost certain that not too many teenagers can say they have driven a Ferrari? But many will...

  • Junior Ferrari TasterJunior Ferrari Taster

    Kids Ferrari Driving Experience How many children get to drive a Ferrari? Not many, but a great many...

  • Junior Ferrari ThrillJunior Ferrari Thrill

    This is a genuine kid's supercar driving experience, putting your budding Kimi Raikkonen behind the wheel...


  • Jaguar F-Type R BlastJaguar F-Type R Blast

    Drive a Jaguar F-Type R for 3 Miles The Jaguar F-Type R AWD Blast Experience puts you in the driving...

  • Jaguar F-Type R ThrillJaguar F-Type R Thrill

    Drive a Jaguar F-Type R for 6 Miles BOOKING THE F TYPE R AWD DRIVING EXPERIENCE On one of ourF-Type...



  • Lotus Elise BlastLotus Elise Blast

    Drive Three Miles in a Lotus Elise 111r The Elise is an undisputed triumph in motoring engineering...

  • Lotus Elise Hot Lap BlastLotus Elise Hot Lap Blast

    Elise Hot Lap Blast experience is a passenger experience of 3 x blisteringly fast laps in a Lotus Elise.

  • Lotus Elise Hot Lap TasterLotus Elise Hot Lap Taster

    We can't all drive performance cars straight off. It takes some getting used to, skill, experience,...

  • Lotus Elise TasterLotus Elise Taster

    Cheap Lotus driving experience for 1 mile This cheap Lotus driving experience is your chance to get...

  • Lotus Elise ThrillLotus Elise Thrill

    s is an incredible experience for someone serious about driving. The Lotus Elise has long been considered...

  • Lotus Exige BlastLotus Exige Blast

    Lotus sports cars have always been an enigma of design. Stunning looks were always led with an engineering...

  • Lotus Exige ThrillLotus Exige Thrill

    This is one of the fastest cars Lotus has ever made and Experience Megastore has secured this beautiful...


Passenger Hot Laps


  • Junior Porsche BlastJunior Porsche Blast

    Kids driving a Porsche 911 Turbo for 3 miles

  • Junior Porsche TasterJunior Porsche Taster

    A junior driver's 1 mile Porsche 911 taster experience. Book Now

  • Porsche 911 BlastPorsche 911 Blast

    Anyone attending one of our Porsche 911 Blast experience days satisfies a life long dream to try to handle...

  • Porsche 911 ThrillPorsche 911 Thrill

    Drive a Porsche 911 for 6 miles Our 911 Thrill Experience benefits from Porsche's continual progress...

  • Porsche Boxster BlastPorsche Boxster Blast

    Enjoy our Boxster S for three miles on this incredible driving blast experience.

  • Porsche Boxster ThrillPorsche Boxster Thrill

    This is your chance to drive our Porsche Boxster S at a circuit near you for a wonderful 6 miles. And...

Sports Cars

  • Sports Car Blast & TasterSports Car Blast & Taster

    This is your chance to drive a Lotus Elise or Porsche Boxster in either of these incredible driving experiences.

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