About Experience Megastore

Experience Megastore offers customers like you the experiences of a lifetime, courtesy of a convenient and safe ‘one-stop’ experience shop.

We offer a rapidly growing collection of adrenalin-pumping experiences that set the pulse racing, making your head spin clean off its axis if you’re not careful. But most of all, Experience Megastore provides everyone with a day they’ll remember for a very long time afterwards. Some experiences just for the thrill such as our driving and supercar days, some empowering and life-changing such as our Adventure and bungee jumping days.

We have been providing experience days at venues throughout the UK for long enough to know exactly what customers want, how they want it and when. It is our business to ensure that all our customers gain access to precisely these experiences in a quick, efficient manner with the minimum of fuss, and the maximum of pleasure, courtesy of a pain-free customer journey that starts right here! Of course, with all transactions being safe and experience vouchers being easy to redeem once purchased or gifted to others.

So whether you’re looking for the thrills and spills that only a Ferrari other supercar driving experience can deliver, the empowerment of a fear busting bungee jump, the uplifting feeling that our flying experiences can generate, the excellent fun indicative of our hovercraft experience or the sideways action from our skid car experience, Experience Megastore is where the action starts.